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Restaurant Takeover - Dorian

Sun 15 Oct 2023 - 7:00 PM

107 Talbot Rd, London W11 2AT

Sold Out

***SOLD OUT***

Join us to celebrate the launch of Sera: a membership built for those that love food and elevated dining experiences.

There’s just something about Sundays and food, isn’t there?

For some, it’s the perfect weekend wind down. For others, the start of something new, an opportunity to look ahead.

For us, Sunday 15 October is both of those things.

Where better to raise the curtain (and a glass) on Sera, than Dorian? Our favourite neighbourhood joint, nestled in the heart of Notting Hill.

The Menu

Strictly Dorian classics. By now, you’ll know how Max Coen and his team do things. Food dictated by the best produce that week, perfectly executed - meat and fish from Notting Hill Meat and Fish Shop, and plenty of perfectly-paired drinks.