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If I had a… Pub - Tom Brown and Cornerstone

Wed 15 Nov 2023 - 6:30 PM

Duke Of Wellington, 94A Crawford St, London W1H 2HQ

£85 pp

Chef Tom Brown, founder of the Michelin starred fish restaurant Cornerstone in Hackney, described as a ‘masterclass’ by Jay Rayner. The Great British Menu Finalist from 2018 is partnering with Sera for the first of our ‘If I had a…’ series.

If Tom could own another restaurant format (other than a Michelin star fish restaurant) it would be a classic pub. And for one night only, Tom will be doing just that, taking over a classic boozer in Marylebone – and its kitchen.

Everyone’s got their favourite pub. And everyone’s got an idea of what their perfect pub looks like. Tom’s no different.

Back in the day, one of his favourite jobs was working out of the St Kew Inn in Cornwall – and it left a lasting mark.

This isn’t your typical night down the boozer. Tom’s taking you on a tour through pub-food favourites: four courses, each his own spin on a classic. But fish, obviously.